Get Everton FC News form Footbal-addict

Hey there, do you require some portal that provide great soccer news ? do you require something that will give you a list of all football clubs like – Newcastle United FC , Champions League , Celtic FC , Rangers FC , FC Barcelona , Real Madrid etc.   Then football addict will be your one stop solution.

Football addict gather informations of all over the internet and then distribute to the readers. Football addict provides not just news. It provides football news , updates , scores , images , videos , clubs, business deals of a club and what is happening with the club around the world.  It contains various clubs from the countries like France , England ,  Italy , USA , Turkey , Switzerland   and more.

To get Get Everton FC news , updates , images , videos , recent news kindly go to and then click on the  link beneath the website which will take you to Everton Fc news.

To get app of Everton news here you go –


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