How to add security protocol to marijuana production site

Since the August 24, 2016 the health Canada started accepting application form  individual and professionals those who intend to produce , sell , level , export , package of marijuana only for medical purposes. Since now there are only 30 active marijuana consultants , professional producers those who are producing and selling medical marijuana and serving marijuana to 70k people those who require marijuana on frequent basis.

Pipe dreemz Inc. is here to help you with all these. We started providing marijuana consulting business since early days. Our boss Mr. Georges have 2.5 decades of experience of working with federal agencies as well as us food , drugs and other regulatory agencies.We have stuffs who will work closely with you, who will help you to write the application properly and then submit the application . We will also help you to build the infrastructure , business strategy , Health Canada acmpr application consultant work etc and more.

One of very important point of producing marijuana and getting licenses is to maintain the security protocol. Today I am going to discuss that.I am going how you should maintain the security protocols so that health Canada accepts you. They will not decline you.

To start with, you must note that health Canada actually require to maintain a security just to secure the site form any illegal activities. They just require to make sure that any criminal or any person is not getting any access of cannabis. They just want to make sure that the wastes are not going to wrong hand. In order to implement this you must make strategy which will enable you to see whats happening around the site and that is also in 24 X 7 basis. You may require to install CCTV . You also require to forward the data to security department in order to verify this. The site should also assign a security personnel for  24 X 7 so that he could see whats happening around there. If anything happens to the site he will record the date, time and other details of the fact. Overall , you require proper hardware and software layer so that we could

The production site must also maintain the security so that the wastes is not going to the wrong and no one have any kind of access of the wastes. To do this ,  you should process your wastes as well.

Like I said before, there are other terms you must abide by in order to  get approval. Together with this we will make your license approved. We will save your months off work so that you will not be rejected.

Contact with us over phone 612 – 294 – 2324 for initial  consultation. You can also email us here – .


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