learn form Chicago Medicaid Planning Attorney – Garofalo law firm

Medicaid planning a must thing when you are getting older and older. When you are getting older it is possible you are attacked by a extremely serious disease or  any other injury. This kind of injury will let you stay at home and their could be a need of appointing nursing at home. However , nursing at home could be costly and most of average  American cannot afford this. With the help of proper medicaid planning , you will  have advantage to get medical benefits provided by the government .

Medicaid planning is not available to anyone. It is available to certain people. Basically medicaid planning is available to low income persons. It is a joint federal state program to provide the medicaid services to low income people ,  to the persons cannot afford medicaid planning.

With the help of Garofalo law firm you will be able to get medicaid planning solutions throughout Chicago and Illinois area. We will guide you in each step . We will explore the options that is available to you. We will create strategy to get the medicaid planning services. Once hired we will guide you in each step. We will tell you what to and what not to do.

At Garofalo law firm, you will get knowledge how to complete the paper work for medicaid planning . We will check medical eligibility. We will check asset protection planning . We will check asset spend – downs , We will prevent spousal impoverishment and more. We will also help you with long term care.

call us  or email us or fax us you can do what ever you want. if you want to call us c 312 – 753 – 6000 . you can also fax us at 312-753-6001 . Book us for  initial consultation. While you are emailing with us , mention with your name , email m addess etc..

We , Chicago Medicaid Planning Attorney look forward to work with you.



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